We are grateful to our clients for all their kind words. Thank you!

We just completed a large renovation with Paradise Coast Construction. Every wall and ceiling was repainted, and crown molding installed in the entire house. The kitchen was totally remodeled, the guest bathroom gutted, and wood floors put down in all rooms. Needless to say, in our minds this was a MAJOR transformation. Our house looks absolutely stunning! The answer to our beautiful home: Tim Laughlin. His crew of trades people made this entire project a reality, and it was a painless experience. Tim’s professional manner and quality of workmanship can be seen in every room. Tim was always prompt, on the job site as needed, and totally honest with us at all times. Every question was answered right away, and phone calls returned immediately. This meant a lot to us during such a major undertaking to our home. Tim offered helpful suggestions and listened to nervous inquiries since we have never undergone a home improvement this huge. We were grateful for all the experience he brought to the table. This renovation exceeded all our expectations. Right now we are sitting back and enjoying the new look of our home. We have one more room to update, and are looking forward to working with Tim and Paradise Coast Construction again.

Ray & Linda Braun

“Building Your Dreams w/ Experience, Honesty, & Excellence!” Tim (Laughlin) says this is their “catch-phrase” but I might say that it really is Paradise Coast Construction’s (PCC) mission statement. Having worked with PCC for a little over 3 years, I have always been impressed with how the entire process of contracting work to be done is completed with such professionalism every step of the way. Not only have I been able to trust PCC with every type of job at my condo but also at my mother’s condo as well. If the pricing is beyond the budgeted amount, then Tim manages the approach to the work to reach an affordable cost but ensures the job is done right, the First time. In addition, another aspect of their customer-oriented approach includes timely response to a request or question. PCC has really spoiled me for turn-around time expectations from other businesses. When reviewing a job the communication skills are extremely detailed and accurate. Nothing is left to question and every aspect of the job is discussed. If I do not know questions that should be asked, PCC brings it up for me. I am confident that the completed job will meet and exceed my expectations. Tim and PCC have been an invaluable asset to my Florida / condo life style. When I have a condo issue, Tim responds with possible solutions with pricing that stays within my budget. I am very pleased with the work PCC has done for me and would highly recommend them.

Karen Newton

Dear Tim, On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to take the time to commend and thank you for a job well done. When we decided to have our condo remodeled in Naples, it was no doubt a very anxious time for us. We didn’t know many contractors in the area and had heard horror stories of people being taken advantage of by either poor quality or incomplete work. This was not the case with you. From the moment we first got together to start to plan this job, you made us feel at ease about the steps of the process and all the necessary details. Having a little experience in doing our own remodeling on our house and a rental house we own, we needed to know that being 1400 miles away that we were in good hands and that our wishes were followed as we would not be doing the job ourselves. You carried out the job in a complete professional and timely manner with excellent communication. The fact that I would receive texts and sometimes pictures included to show what we were up against made understanding the various obstacles we faced much easier. I felt at times that we were right there and being guided through all the little headaches on the spot. As you know, this isn’t always easy when you get into something and find something else needing attention. This was particularly true with the water main issue and how you immediately got the condo management to take care of what could’ve been a real disaster. Also, it was comforting to know that your judgment was excellent when it came to having to make changes to our plan because something didn’t look right. The best example of this was the kitchen ceiling. When you told us you had to change the paint scheme because of the imperfections in the “lines” when you looked at it, it was a little hard to imagine, but when we came down to view the completed work; it was quite evident that you were right. A lot of contractors would probably not have taken the initiative to make that judgment call. I guess what I’m saying here is that it’s been a pleasure working with you and look forward to having you take care of future projects as time goes on. Thanks again

Andrew A. Gardner